Applying For Staff

Looking to join our staff team? You're in the right place!

Which staff roles will I be applying for?

There are three entry level staff roles, each with different responsibilities.
You don't need to choose one of these roles in the application, but we'll keep in mind all your submitted design and development experience and help you into a role that's suitable for you!


Helpers are responsible for helping new and old players during their time on the server. Helpers are also lightly involved in moderation, and helping keep Nogcraft a friendly and toxic-free place for players.
Helpers usually progress into becoming full moderators, with the possibility of becoming a Senior Moderator.


Designers help create the fun and custom items that make Nogcraft unique. Designers need to have experience with (or a willingness to learn) 3D modelling and texturing.


Developers keep Nogcraft running, and work on exciting new features. Developers will need to be proficient with, and knowledgeable about, Minecraft server development before being considered.
Please note that the Builder rank is not considered as a staff role.
The builder rank is granted personally to players that have displayed their skill at building, and are willing to help with server building projects.

What do I need to be staff?

  • You must be at least 18 years old,
  • You must be able to communicate in English,
  • You must have been an active and engaged member of our community for at least 14 days,
  • You must have no serious past offenses issued against your account.
Even if you meet all the requirements listed above, we can't guarantee that you will be accepted.

What responsibilities do I have as staff?

You could have a variety of responsibilities, depending on the role you undertake.
The first and foremost is to follow the Staff Rules. These make sure our staff team is held to the highest standards.
Check out this section above to learn in more detail about your roles and responsibilities.

Are there any benefits to being staff?

  • All staff are given access to the perks of the Royal rank,
  • Access to help test features before they're announced,
  • Share and discuss your ideas for new updates,
  • Training and experience with moderation, design and development.

How long does my application take to be processed?

We need multiple people to check through your application before we can make a decision to limit bias. You'll normally receive a response within 3-7 days, but we can't guarantee this.
We often receive high numbers of applicants, and unfortunately we can't guarantee that you will be notified if your application is denied.

Application Form

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