Staff Rules

These staff rules are published so that we are able to hold our staff members to the highest standard.
All staff, regardless of their position, must abide by these rules at all times.
If you experience any staff breaching these rules, please submit a staff abuse ticket through our discord so that we can investigate their actions thoroughly.

Be Professional

Staff must treat each individual player with the utmost respect and remain professional when responding to an incident or helping a player. Staff may not slander or insult players.
Staff may not share any staff channel content or information outside of the designated staff channels.
Staff may not discuss any offense issued with any player outside of an appeal support ticket, except in cases of when the player publicly spreads false information about their offense.
Staff may not discuss internal staff disciplinary matters with players.

Respond Suitably

Staff members must respond proportionately, and issue a suitable server punishment for the offence committed - in accordance with staff policy.

Remain Humble

Staff members may not hold their rank above players. Staff may not imply or pretend that they have access that they do not.

Do Not Abuse Powers

Staff members must not use their permissions for personal gain. Staff permissions must be restricted solely to staff related activities.
Staff can't go above their role to start enacting changes, or issuing offenses that they don't have authority over.
Outside of staff activities, staff may not:
  • Use WorldEdit,
  • Use Spectator Mode,
  • Use Creative Mode,
  • Use Flight,
  • Use Vanish,
  • Teleport to players,
  • Use creative-spawned items.
  • Give items to players,
  • Create illegal items,
  • Use their permissions to help players with any form of building or destruction,
  • Impair or improve another player's experience,
    • Spamming potions on players,
    • Trolling with any type of block or item. Especially bedrock, barriers or other unobtainable blocks.
  • Give yourself unauthorized permissions nodes.
This list is not conclusive.