Discord Rules

These rules apply when using our discord server.
You are responsible for your account security. Any rules breached by your account will result in action taken, regardless if it was you.
Being unaware of the rules is not considered as a valid exemption for breaching them. Attempting to circumvent rules is considered to be in violation of them.
We reserve the right to change our server rules at any moment. We recommend that you check occasionally to ensure that you are up-to-date on our server rules.
Due to the variety of circumstances, we are not able to list every individual circumstance that may fall under the rules below. We ask that you use common sense and ask staff before engaging in activity that you believe may be against the rules.
Staff are trained to issued specific punishments, punishments will extend in length for more serious or repeat offences.

1. General Rules

1.1 Encouraging Rule Breaking

You may not encourage another player to break any rule.
Intentionally benefitting from another player breaching the rules may result a punishment being issued against your account.

1.2 Interfering With Staffing

You may not interject yourself into any staff activity to cause a disruption, or prevent staff from doing their job.
If you disagree with a punishment issued by a staff member, this must be appealed through an appeal support ticket on our discord.

1.3 Asking For Sanctions

You may not ask a member of staff to issue any form of server punishment to yourself or another player.
Reporting a player to a member of staff is not considered as in violation of this rule.

1.4 Ban Evasion

You may not use alternate accounts to bypass a server punishment.

2. Content Rules

2.1 Hateful Content

You may not send abusive or threatening messages against a specific group; especially on the basis of their race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
You may not have hateful account names, nicknames or profile pictures.
You may not share hateful images or videos.
This content is decided at the discretion of the staff team.

2.2 Inappropriate Content

Swearing is permitted, however excessive swearing like using many in a sentence or in multiple messages is not permitted. Targeted swearing at another player is not permitted.
When asked to stop speaking about a topic by a staff member, you must stop. Continuation after this is considered a violation of this rule.
You may not discuss, or infer, political and religious topics or overtly inappropriate topics such as; violence, crime, sex.
You may not have inappropriate account names, nicknames or profile pictures.
You may not share inappropriate images or videos.
This content is decided at the discretion of the staff team.

3. Security Rules

3.1 Sharing Information

You may not share any information that could be used to identify yourself, this includes but is not limited to;
  • Social media accounts with your full name,
  • Addresses,
  • Phone numbers,
Some exemptions are permitted;
  • Your first name,
  • Your country,
  • Your discord account.

3.2 Doxing

You may not share any information that could be used to identify or harm another player, especially without their permission.

3.3 Real World Trading

You may not trade in-game items or services for real-life currency or purchases from a third party.

3.5 Impersonating Others

You may not pretend to be another player, especially a member of our staff team, to intentionally exploit or deceive another player.
This may be done through;
  • Claiming to be another player,
  • Changing your name or profile picture to resemble another player.

4. Conduct Rules

4.1 Spamming

You may not spam or flood chat through any method, including repeatedly sending messages.
You may not use non-standard fonts or excessive symbols.
Use of full capitals is permitted, as long as it is not done with the intention of spamming.

4.2 Advertising

You may not advertise other servers, websites or organisations.

4.3 English Chat

You may only speak English in public chat channels. Exemptions are permitted for small interactions, like greetings.

4.4 Trolling

Trolling is considered as intentionally trying to instigate conflict, hostility or arguments.
You may not attempt to provoke a reaction from any individual.
You must remain civil. Even when engaging in competitive gameplay aspects you may not seek to troll other players.

4.5 Falsifying Information

You may not falsify information, make false accusations against another player or staff member with the intention of negatively impacting them.
You may not falsify information in an attempt to receive a refund for lost items.

4.6 Spreading Disinformation

You may not intentionally attempt to manipulate another player’s perception through false information.

4.7 Pinging Staff

You may not ping individual staff, unless permission is given by that staff member.
For urgent support, you must submit a relevant ticket to allow for the entirety of the staff team to easily respond.

4.8 Ticket Abuse

You may not abuse our ticket system.
Examples of ticket abuse include, but are not limited to;
  • Repeatedly opening tickets to spam,
  • Opening tickets to troll.

4.9 Suggestion Abuse

You may not abuse our suggestion system. This includes any channel designed to receive player feedback or ideas.
Example of suggestion abuse include, but are not limited to;
  • Submitting low-effort or intentionally flippant suggestions,
  • Submitting suggestions that target another player.
  • Repeatedly spamming suggestions.