Builder Rules

These rules apply for Nogcraft designated builders.

1. Staff Impersonation

You may not claim to be a member of the Nogcraft Staff Team.

2. Creative Abuse

You may not use creative mode to;
  • Give items to players,
  • Create illegal items,
  • Help players with any form of building or destruction,
  • Impair or improve another players experience,
    • Spamming potions on players,
    • Trolling with any type of block or item. Especially bedrock, barriers or other unobtainable blocks.

3. WorldEdit Abuse

You may not use WorldEdit to;
  • Purposely impair the servers performance,
  • Damage terrain without a valid reason,
  • Execute large scale edits without permission,
    • Large scale edits are defined as being over two million blocks.

4. Non-Project Usage

You may not use builder permissions outside of authorized projects, especially outside of the designated building server, unless given permission by server management.

5. Unauthorized Editing

You may not edit another builders project without approval from the builder.
By default, builder permissions are restricted to the building server. To obtain permissions outside of this server, you must contact the server management about your planned project.