Frequently asked questions!

Why didn't I receive my voting rewards?

There are several common reasons why you may not have received your voting rewards,
  • You voted while offline, use /offlinevote to claim offline votes.
  • You voted in the server lobby.
  • You entered your name incorrectly on the voting websites.
  • You didn't capitalize your name in the same way it's displayed in-game.
  • You used your nickname rather than your Mojang account name.
  • Your vote has not been processed yet.

Can I have my lost items refunded?

Yes, only if you are able to provide proof that the items were lost due to a server glitch or bug.
We unfortunately can't refund and items that were lost due to personal error.

Where can I go for support?

Please file a ticket in our discord server for private support, or speak to a member of staff in game and we’ll be happy to help.

How can I appeal an offense?

If you wish to appeal a punishment, you can do this by opening a ticket on our discord server. You can't file an appeal on behalf of another player.
If you're permanently banned from our discord and server, your offense can't be appealed.
Last modified 6d ago