Earn bonus rewards by voting for Nogcraft!
Voting for Nogcraft on third-party websites helps us to grow the Nogcraft community!
You can vote on the Nogcraft Server by following the vote links, submitting your Minecraft username and pressing the vote button.
Voting can be done once every 24 hours, or once per calendar day, depending on the website.
Didn't receive your vote keys? Check our FAQ for help.

Vote Keys

For each website that you vote on you will receive a Vote Key. When voting on every website daily you will be granted a bonus Vote Key. You are able to receive up to 6 Vote Keys per day.
Vote Keys can be used to unlock the Vote Crate located by walking from /spawn or by using /crates to teleport directly there!
The Vote Crate
Voting for the Nogcraft on other Minecraft server websites than the ones listed under Vote Links will not grant you rewards.

Vote Party

Every vote on the server contributes and counts towards a vote party. A vote party occurs after 25 total votes on the server, where different reward items will be granted to all of the online players on the server the vote target is received on.
Vote parties are independent and separated each server, which means that voting while being online on one of the server only counts towards the vote party on the server that you are currently playing on. You must have voted within the past 24 hours to receive the vote party rewards.
The vote party resets after reaching 25 total votes. Vote party progress can be tracked by using the /voteparty command in-game.
You are guaranteed to receive 2 vote tokens from the vote party; you may also receive monthly keys, extra vote tokens or figure keys!

Vote Shop

Vote tokens are a reward that can be earned from the vote crate or the vote party!
The vote shop contains item which can be used to buy different items, like crate keys for every current and old Nogcraft monthly crate.
The vote shop can be accessed with the /voteshop command or by right-clicking the NPC at /crates.
The Vote Shop