Player Warps

Create warps for other players to visit!
Player warps allow players to set their own warps to be accessed by any player.
Extra player warp slots can be unlocked by ranking up with /ranks!
The /pwarps Menu


  • /pwarp – Allows teleporting to a player warp and opens the player warp menu.
  • /pwarp help - Displays all available commands.
  • /pwarp set <warp> – Create a player warp at your location.
  • /pwarp reset <warp> - Relocate one of your player warps.
  • /pwarp remove <warp> – Remove one of your player warps.
  • /pwarp desc set <description> – Allows you to set a description for your player warp.
  • /pwarp desc remove – Allows you to remove a description for your player warp.
  • /pwarp category set <category> – Set the category of your warp.
  • /pwarp cost set <cost> – Set a fee to teleport to your warp.
  • /pwarp icon set/remove <warp> - Set the item you are holding as the warp's icon.
  • /pwarp rename <warp> <newname> – Rename a pwarp.
  • /pwarp whitelist set/remove/list <warp> <name> - Makes the warp accessible to only people that are whitelisted.