Collection Log

Collect figures to complete this special collection!

What is the Collection Log?

The collection log is a way to store your collectible figures to show off to your friends!
Figures can be traded into your collection log.

How do I view the Collection Log?

You can view your collection log by using the command /log. This'll open a menu where you can add, withdraw, or trade in your figures.
Curious? You can also use /log <name> to view another player's log!

What are figures?

Figures are collectible items that can be added into your Collection Log. They are designed after members of our community - and you could even be made into a figure yourself!
Each figure is given a special collectible number, displayed in the lore like: ➲ #0000. These show how old each figure is, and to help you know when they were added, and where they go in the Collection Log.
Figures do not have to be traded into your log, they could be traded for extra items - or just creating a physical collection to show off to your friends!

Trading in Figures

To trade in your figures, open your collection log with a figure in your inventory and left-click the blank figure with the corresponding name and collectible number to submit your figure to the log!
Figures may be withdrawn from the log, or traded in for vote tokens.

Can I be made into a figure?

There are a few different reasons that people are made into figures.

By becoming staff...

Occasionally, we'll add a new figure for our staff members!

By being the monthly top voter...

One voter figure is added to the figure crate each month, the player chosen to be added as a voter figure is the top voter from the previous month!
There are a few conditions for being chosen;
  • Being the top voter for the past calendar month. In the case of the tie, the tied players will be drawn as a raffle.
  • Not having previously been added as a figure, if a player is already added - the figure will be given to the next highest voting player.
  • Not having a name or skin in violation of our server rules, or deemed inappropriate by staff.
We'll contact you before adding your likeness, so you have the opportunity to decline if you'd rather not have a figure designed after you.

By achieving something special...

Special figures are released following special achievements, accomplishments, or events. Players who go above and beyond for Nogcraft are likely to receive special figures!

Will a figure ever be removed?

Occasionally, we have to remove the figures of some players. We aim to not do this when possible, but we do reserve the right to remove or replace any figure at any time. A few reasons why we would remove the figure of a player include;
  • The player has been permanently banned,
  • The player has acted in a way that means we no longer want them represented in Nogcraft.
If any figure is replaced, they'll automatically be converted to the replacement version.