Protect your land from harm by claiming!
Claiming an area on our server is a great way to protect your land. A claimed area is completely protected from players editing your items and land, or hurting your animals.

Creating Claiming

To begin claiming simply type /claim or /claimkit to get a claiming kit, this will also provide a stick which can be used to show your claim boundary.
This will then allow you to define an area by right clicking two positions and claim it. Claims when created will be surrounded by temporary blocks to allow easy visualisation, these blocks cannot be destroyed or picked up.
If you need to remove a claim do /abandonclaim whilst stood within the claims borders.
All claimed areas are protected up from bedrock to the maximum height limit by default.
Example of a claimed area

Expanding Claims

Expanding your claimed land requires claim blocks. The amount of claim blocks needed depends on the size of the expansion.
  • To expand the claimed area, use a regular golden shovel by right-clicking a corner of the claim and clicking a new location.
  • You can also use the command /expandclaim by looking in the direction in which you want to expand the area.
A claimed area is protected up to the sky limit and is automatically expanded downwards every time you dig deeper into the ground.

Trusting Players

Use the command /trust to allow another player to completely edit your claimed area. The player has to be online when you are issuing the command.
Use to command /untrust to remove their ability to edit your claimed area.
You are able to give another player the ability to only use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals by using the command /containertrust. This will limit them from editing your land.

Claim Blocks

Every land claim requires claim blocks.
  • Each player starts off with 200 claim blocks when joining the server for the first time.
  • Players receive 200 claim blocks every hour they are actively playing on the server. You will not receive claim blocks whilst being AFK.
  • You can buy more claim blocks by using the command /buyblocks for $2 each.

Claiming Tools

Use a regular stick to show the boundaries of your claim by right-clicking in the claimed area.

Claiming Commands


  • /claim - Enable claiming mode.
  • /expandclaim - Expands your claimed area in the direction you are looking.
  • /abandonclaim - Deletes the claim you are standing in.
  • /abandonallclaims - Deletes all your claimed areas at the same time.
  • /claimslist - Lists information about your claimed areas.


  • /trust - Gives another player permission to edit in your claim.
  • /untrust - Removes the player's permissions to edit your claim.
  • /trustlist - Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.
  • /containertrust - Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.


  • /buyblocks - Converts your money into claim blocks.
  • /sellblocks - Converts your claim blocks into money.
  • /trapped - Gets a player out of a land claim they are trapped inside.
  • /givepet - Gives away a tamed animal.
  • /claimkit - Obtain a claiming kit.